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Pain Management With Fentanyl

During my years doing medical device research and development, I had the opportunity of working on a device that electronically dosed Fentanyl into your body through your skin. In essence it was an electronic Fentanyl patch. The technology was fairly simple but delivering accurate doses of Fentanyl … [Read More...]


Good Golly Miss Molly

If you enjoy the club scene, chances are you have some experience with the club drug molly. Either you have used it, seen someone use it or heard about it. It is all about the need to get that euphoric high while listening to the sounds of music beats.  It's a chance to escape the real world and for … [Read More...]

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Side Effects


Meth Addiction

Has anyone seen Breaking Bad? It is a great TV show on AMC but one of the drugs they make is methamphetamine or also known as crystal meth, crank, or speed. This is a recreational drug that someone figured out can get you high from cold medicine. We all know that cough syrup has alcohol which gets … [Read More...]


Old Fashioned LSD

If we look back at time, each decade had a drug of choice that was experimented on.  The decade of the 1980s were known for cocaine, the 1970s for heroin and the 1960's  were known for LSD. This was an era of hippiness, soul searching and self discovery. There was a great desire to encounter … [Read More...]

Drug Testing


Hypnosis With Prescription Drugs

Have you ever gone to a county fair  and watch a hypnotist show? It is one of the funniest shows and I love watching what people do under hypnosis. Sometimes I wonder if it is real or fake. I mean within minutes, people go under  a hypnotic state and will do and see things that are suggested to them … [Read More...]


Medical Marijuana Basics

Medical marijuana is the latest craze as more and more states start to legalize it for revenue generation and also a shift in the war on drugs. The ability to control marijuana from a dispensary, regulate it and tax it means that the illegal drug trade loses a large amount of revenue. I have never … [Read More...]