Prescription Drug Recalls

I am going to post a page on recent prescription drug recalls. This running tab so to speak will be updated as the recalls happen to inform everyone who might be at risk. It also… [more]

Prescription Drug Recalls Prescription Drug Recalls

Celebrity Drug Addictions

Michael Jackson will now always be the poster boy for drug addiction. We have seen great artists (Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison) have their lives cut short due to drug overdoses.… [more]

Celebrity Drug Addictions Celebrity Drug Addictions

The Heroin Crisis

As I listen to the news, on the way to work every morning, I hear more and more about people overdosing on heroin. I wonder why heroin is gaining such popularity. It turns out,… [more]

The Heroin Crisis The Heroin Crisis

Can’t Lose Weight with Synthroid

Synthroid (Levothyroxine) is an easy drug to figure out by name. It you look at the word, synthetic and thyroid come to mind. That is how you get Synthroid. So as you have figured… [more]

Can’t Lose Weight with Synthroid Can’t Lose Weight with Synthroid

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Ebola Virus Goes Wild

With all the technology today and the advancement of science in treating infectious diseases, there is still fear among healthcare officials over pandemics. As good as our drug development is, we are still at risk of any disease that can jump from animal to human. One such disease in Africa which is … [Read More...]


A Virus To Fear

  Recently, I read a report whereby the H7N9 bird flu virus has claimed the life of a medical professional in Shanghai, renewing concerns that the virus can spread between people. The H7N9 is a bird virus that has jumped to humans. This occurs mostly through direct contact through poultry or … [Read More...]

Side Effects


Aleve better than Aspirin?

Federal health experts have taken a second look at the heart safety of pain medications used by millions of Americans to treat arthritis and other everyday aches and pains. The re-examination is based on the latest research on anti-inflammatory medicines called NSAIDS, which serve as the backbone of … [Read More...]


Drugs You Need But Can’t Have

The number one question that I always have when wanting access to life saving drugs is: What is the price of a human life? Think about it. What are you worth as an individual and should you be provided access to potential life saving drugs. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rejected a drug for … [Read More...]

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Drug Testing


A New Drug No One Can Afford

When the Food and Drug Administration approved a medication called Sovaldi, it was hailed as a breakthrough in the fight against hepatitis C, a blood-borne disease that affects 3.2 million Americans and kills more people in the U.S. annually than AIDS. That was until Gilead Sciences, the … [Read More...]


Trouble in India

How safe are generic drug manufacturers in India? Well it doesn't seem so safe for those manufacturers. Company after company from India are getting banned from selling generics in the US. India is trying to change the way they manufacture generics. So as part of their attempt to improve, Indian … [Read More...]

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