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Chronic Pain Addiction

Being in chronic pain will make an individual go to extremes to relieve the pain. Like most people, we will try any over the counter treatments before going to the doctor for a prescription drug. You can try acupuncture, Aleve, Aspirin, heat pads or any other easy to get remedies. These remedies are … [Read More...]

Truly Wacky Weed

Sugar And Spice But Not Nice

When it comes to illegal drugs, the growers or producers of the illegal commodity try and stay one step ahead of law enforcement.  One of those popular commodities is marijuana. The plant that can be smoked to get a euphoric feeling. There have been countless studies performed on the marijuana plant … [Read More...]

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Side Effects


Fibromyalgia Is Not Fun

As we age, we all go through the experience of some sort of arthritis in our joints and bones. We take medications for treatment of the pain even if its a short term relief. But what if I told you there was something more painful than arthritis. Imagine arthritis on steroids. I would think that pain … [Read More...]


The New Heroin

The life of a heroin drug addict is not the same as it was many years ago, and the biggest reason is because of prescription opiates. These medications are being taken like candy and easily available without the need to visit a local drug dealer. Lets take for example the actor Philip Seymour … [Read More...]

Drug Testing


HIV Virus Kills Cancer

If anyone has not watched the HBO show VICE, I think you are missing out on some good news reporting. Not the kind of news reporting that tries to sway judgement on a position. VICE is the kind of reporting that presents the facts and lets you decide your own view or judgement. A recent episode … [Read More...]


Mexico As A Prescription Pill Source

Does anyone remember NAFTA? It is the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is supposed to expand the exchange of trade and limit tariffs on products between all three nations. We are not just talking about cars, napkins or food. This applies to … [Read More...]