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drug arrest

Why Is There So Much Drug Abuse?

The list of reasons to determine the causes of drug addiction and the causes of drug abuse are endless. They can vary from economic status, to an escape from reality, to personality and behavior. There is not one single reason you can pinpoint as to the cause of drug abuse.  We can't just focus on … [Read More...]


Curing The HIV Epidemic

AIDS is a scary word. It is one of those words on a medical test that will keep you up at night. Waiting for the results flashbacks to all the times of unprotected sex and wishing you used a condom. Or the times, you did some heroin and shared a needle, whatever your preference was. You look for the … [Read More...]

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Side Effects


The New Heroin

The life of a heroin drug addict is not the same as it was many years ago, and the biggest reason is because of prescription opiates. These medications are being taken like candy and easily available without the need to visit a local drug dealer. Lets take for example the actor Philip Seymour … [Read More...]


Why Use Dangerous Opiates ?

Today as a society, we use way too many prescription drugs to treat pain. If our back starts to ache, we take a pill to relieve the pain instead of a hot compress. If we strain a knee while running, we take pills to manage the pain. It is one thing to take Tylenol, Aleve or Advil, but it is quite … [Read More...]

Drug Testing


HIV Virus Kills Cancer

If anyone has not watched the HBO show VICE, I think you are missing out on some good news reporting. Not the kind of news reporting that tries to sway judgement on a position. VICE is the kind of reporting that presents the facts and lets you decide your own view or judgement. A recent episode … [Read More...]


Mexico As A Prescription Pill Source

Does anyone remember NAFTA? It is the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is supposed to expand the exchange of trade and limit tariffs on products between all three nations. We are not just talking about cars, napkins or food. This applies to … [Read More...]