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Chronic Pain Addiction

Being in chronic pain will make an individual go to extremes to relieve the pain. Like most people, we will try any over the counter treatments before going to the doctor for a prescription drug. You can try acupuncture, Aleve, Aspirin, heat pads or any other easy to get remedies. These remedies are … [Read More...]

Truly Wacky Weed

Sugar And Spice But Not Nice

When it comes to illegal drugs, the growers or producers of the illegal commodity try and stay one step ahead of law enforcement.  One of those popular commodities is marijuana. The plant that can be smoked to get a euphoric feeling. There have been countless studies performed on the marijuana plant … [Read More...]

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Side Effects

Picture - copd ad 3

How Do You Treat COPD?

Have you ever seen the commercials for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) with the elephant walking behind people?  I could never figure out why the elephant was featured. It assume it might have something to do with breathing in such a way that it feels like an elephant is on your chest. … [Read More...]


Synthetic Drug Dangers

The natural drugs in the world such as marijuana, coca and opium seem to be falling out of favor. These drugs might be considered plain and vanilla to some users. This has given the rise a new kind of drugs, namely synthetic drugs.  Pharmaceutical companies have published a wealth of information … [Read More...]

Drug Testing


How Doctors Recognize Breast Cancer

The american medical community has made great strides in the recognition and treatment of carcinomas. Carcinoma occurs when the DNA of a cell is damaged or altered in such a way that the cell grows uncontrollably and becomes malignant. These malignant tumors can become cancerous and are the basis … [Read More...]


HIV Virus Kills Cancer

If anyone has not watched the HBO show VICE, I think you are missing out on some good news reporting. Not the kind of news reporting that tries to sway judgement on a position. VICE is the kind of reporting that presents the facts and lets you decide your own view or judgement. A recent episode … [Read More...]