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Why Is There So Much Drug Abuse?

The list of reasons to determine the causes of drug addiction and the causes of drug abuse are endless. They can vary from economic status, to an escape from reality, to personality and behavior. There is not one single reason you can pinpoint as to the cause of drug abuse.  We can't just focus on … [Read More...]


Curing The HIV Epidemic

AIDS is a scary word. It is one of those words on a medical test that will keep you up at night. Waiting for the results flashbacks to all the times of unprotected sex and wishing you used a condom. Or the times, you did some heroin and shared a needle, whatever your preference was. You look for the … [Read More...]

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Crack cocaine street dosage

The Evils Of Crack Cocaine

How do you make cocaine more lethal in addiction than it already is? Simply make it into crack cocaine. There is nothing more scary for a loved one than seeing a crack pipe in their possession.  The effects of cocaine on the human body is bad enough but when deal with crack, it gets worse than you … [Read More...]


Having HIV Is Not Bad Enough

Living with HIV is hard enough in life. Not just for having the disease but also with the stigma attached to it. Before the discovery and recognition of AIDS, it was believed that this disease was a punishment from god towards the homosexual society. This belief was mostly attributed to the high … [Read More...]

Drug Testing


Mexico As A Prescription Pill Source

Does anyone remember NAFTA? It is the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is supposed to expand the exchange of trade and limit tariffs on products between all three nations. We are not just talking about cars, napkins or food. This applies to … [Read More...]


Hypnosis With Prescription Drugs

Have you ever gone to a county fair  and watch a hypnotist show? It is one of the funniest shows and I love watching what people do under hypnosis. Sometimes I wonder if it is real or fake. I mean within minutes, people go under  a hypnotic state and will do and see things that are suggested to them … [Read More...]