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How To Survive Coughing Season

As winter comes, flu season begins to come to everyone's mind. We are vigilant against our fellow co-workers who refuse to take a sick day and come into work with the flu. We look for the flu shots to stay healthy. Our hopes is to navigate the flu minefield everywhere and keep from getting sick. The … [Read More...]


Women Beware

As a father who has a daughter, my greatest fear is not promiscuity. It is a fear but it doesn't compare to all the possible chemical or physical assaults that can be imposed on a woman. Forced aggression on women with date rape drugs and such are despicable and cowardly. My assumption is that there … [Read More...]

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Side Effects


Going Big With Growth Hormones

If you follow Darwin's theory of evolution, only the strongest of the species survive and reproduce. There are men who subscribe to that theory but to an extreme point. Their belief is that being muscular and huge at any cost resonates with the ladies and an intimidation factor. Being that muscular … [Read More...]


Africa’s Natural Drug

So we all know that certain drugs grow in certain regions. Cocaine grows in South America, heroin in the Middle East and marijuana in the Caribbean. So what about Africa? Africa has a drug called khat which is similar to cocaine but without the addictive properties. Keep in mind that this is a … [Read More...]

Drug Testing


Mexico As A Prescription Pill Source

Does anyone remember NAFTA? It is the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is supposed to expand the exchange of trade and limit tariffs on products between all three nations. We are not just talking about cars, napkins or food. This applies to … [Read More...]


Hypnosis With Prescription Drugs

Have you ever gone to a county fair  and watch a hypnotist show? It is one of the funniest shows and I love watching what people do under hypnosis. Sometimes I wonder if it is real or fake. I mean within minutes, people go under  a hypnotic state and will do and see things that are suggested to them … [Read More...]