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Cure For Addiction

Fighting opioid addiction is one of the hardest things that a family or person can go through. The addiction is so so strong that one has to wait to hit rock bottom before help can be provided. There is one prescription drug that is used to help opioid addictions. It is called suboxone. This is … [Read More...]


Which Antidepressants Are Right For You?

As we approach the holiday season, let the festivities begin. We begin to reflect on our accomplishments for the year, look forward to the holiday festivities with family, coworkers and friends. We also prepare for some time off from the ruckus or our work lives and try to relax. For a few of us, … [Read More...]

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Side Effects


Accidental Hair Growth

As men get older, I have seen them go to great lengths to rejuvenate or reinvigorate their youth. Nothing else can capture the spirit of youth than a full head of hair. Most men can look back at their youth and remember all the gel they used to put on their hair to keep it locked in place. The … [Read More...]


Dangers Of Blood Thinners

Anyone who has had heart surgery or stents implanted into their arteries know that blood thinners have saved their lives. The blood thinner medications makes it easier for the heart to pump blood. It reduces the stress on your body so to speak. But there is also one caveat with the use of these … [Read More...]

Drug Testing


Mexico As A Prescription Pill Source

Does anyone remember NAFTA? It is the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is supposed to expand the exchange of trade and limit tariffs on products between all three nations. We are not just talking about cars, napkins or food. This applies to … [Read More...]


Hypnosis With Prescription Drugs

Have you ever gone to a county fair  and watch a hypnotist show? It is one of the funniest shows and I love watching what people do under hypnosis. Sometimes I wonder if it is real or fake. I mean within minutes, people go under  a hypnotic state and will do and see things that are suggested to them … [Read More...]